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Imagine if you could see through terrorists clothes to detect hidden weapons
Or look to see how a volcano is changing underneath all the cloud and smoke?
Or have a car that can see a crash coming?
Or take a picture of the whole universe?

A Radar Scan of St Andrews Millimetre wave imaging allows you to do just that, providing not just an image but also the size and shape of the object in view, even its distance and speed, regardless of the viewing conditions.

But what exactly are millimetre waves?
Light can be thought of as a wave: the different colours that you see in a rainbow correspond to different ‘lengths’ of the waves of light: red light has a longer wavelength than blue light.

The range of colours that we can see is called ‘visible light’ with tiny wavelengths on the scale of bacteria, but there are lots of other wavelengths that we cannot see with our eyes ranging from the very long (radio waves) to the very short (x-rays).

Millimetre waves are simply ‘light’ that has a wavelength between 1mm and 1cm. They can pass through clothing and clouds (like radio, TV and mobile phone signals) but they can also form images of heat (like an infrared camera).

Millimetre waves can pass through lots of materials from clothes to plasterboard and this makes them very useful for a variety of applications including security imaging and military applications.

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The Vision for the Future spectrum - click for a full size version
The Vision for the Future Spectrum - click for a full size version

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