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Part of our project is to go out to schools and science festivals and give workshops on millimetre waves. We have designed a set of workshops targetted at different ages and abilities and are happy to take these to any venue who would like to have us.

Each workshop includes breakout sessions on the following topics, (click the title for more info):

  • Seeing through stuff – Investigates how different wavelengths pass through various materials in different ways, illustrated by a comparison between visible, infrared and millimetre waves.
  • Picture Perfect? - What is ‘resolution’ and how does it affect imaging? Explore the relationship between wavelength and resolution. What are the key factors that influence whether an object can be detected, recognised or identified?
  • Cops and Doppler – Learn about the Doppler Effect and how it works. Hands-on demonstration of Doppler speed sensors and game to see who can go the fastest. Understand how the Doppler Effect is used in Police radar speed guns.
  • Radar in a room – See a real-time radar map of the room and identify themselves and other objects in the image. Watch how radars can track movement. The internals of the radar as visible.

We are also appearing at festivals and have a stand-alone exhibition for this purpose. In venues like the BA Festival 2007, we were able to operate in both these capacities at the same time.

The following pages in this section have a bit more detail on the workshops and the material covered in them. If you would like us to come to your school, you can download a flyer and take it in to your teacher.

A school group attending the workshop at the BA Festival of Science, 2007.

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