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The Doppler Effect is the phenomenon of a change in wavelength as experienced from an observer moving relative to the source. Depending on whether the object is moving towards or away, will dictate the change in wavelength. If the source is approaching the observer, then the wavelengths will be “squashed” together, and the observer will experience a smaller wavelength that is emitted. If the source moves away relative to the source, the wavelengths are “stretched” out, and the observer experiences a larger wavelength than is emitted.

The Doppler workshop set up consists of three different millimetre wave emitters with different wavelengths in the millimetre range. There is a box that processes the wavelength shift and this is fed into a computer which allows you to see the change. It is also fed into a speaker so that the change can be heard as sound.

The image on the left is a screenshot from the Doppler Game, where users can play against each other to register the highest recorded speed!

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