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Picture perfect is a demo all about pixels and resolution which are important concepts for imaging at all wavelength regions including the visible – you will probably have heard of the term megapixel in relation to digital cameras.

There are two main hands on demonstrations that participants can play and learn with. The first is a set of pin boards with different sized pins. Small pins represent short wavelengths and large pins represent long wavelengths. By trying to imprint various shapes on the differing pin boards they will realise that the smaller pins give a better outline of the shape. This leads to the idea that smaller wavelengths give a better image.

The second demonstration highlights the effect of resolution on image recognition. The students will look at a variety of objects in increasing resolution and try and guess what the objects are as the image quality improves. This is particularly relevant when considering security imaging. How many pixels do you need to know if that is a gun or a hairdryer? Is that a pen or a knife?

'Vision For The Future' is an EPSRC funded project run by the MMW group at the University of St Andrews
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