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viewing a hand through glass at the three different wavelengths
viewing a hand through wood at the three different wavelengths
viewing a hand through a heavy and thick material at the three different wavelengths
the millimetre wave transmission interactiveThis demo is designed to increase awareness that different types of light can see through different materials. Millimetre waves can see through lots of materials that visible and infrared light cannot.

The workshop consists of 3 sets of wave emitters and receivers at a visible wavelength, millimetre wavelength and infrared wavelength. The image on the right shows the millimetre wave transmitter and receiver.

The participants will have the chance to try putting different materials, like plastic, wood, materials and paper, between the emitter and receiver and find out whether that wave can see through the material.

There is a much larger version of this called the 'transmission wheel' which is shown at bigger venues and when the exhibition is on tour.

'Vision For The Future' is an EPSRC funded project run by the MMW group at the University of St Andrews
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