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> 1. Intro
> 2. The Instrument
> 3. The Antenna
> 4. As a Radar
> 5. Seeing the Volcano
> 6. Measuring
> 7. Data Stacking
> 8. A Scan
> 9. Colour Code
> 10. The Volcano
> 11. Pyroclastic Flows
> 12. Devastation
> 13. The Future

AVTIS uses its antenna to beam a tightly focussed radar signal at the mountain. This beam can be used to measure the distance to the volcano. You can think of the beam as a mm-wave searchlight which illuminates a small spot on the mountainside. The radar beam is half a degree wide so the spot is only a few metres across even at several kilometres range.

When the radar signal is reflected from the spot on the volcano AVTIS 'sees' the reflection in a measurement called a radar range spectrum:

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