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> 1. Intro
> 2. The Instrument
> 3. The Antenna
> 4. As a Radar
> 5. Seeing the Volcano
> 6. Measuring
> 7. Data Stacking
> 8. A Scan
> 9. Colour Code
> 10. The Volcano
> 11. Pyroclastic Flows
> 12. Devastation
> 13. The Future

This image shows an AVTIS scan of the whole crater, which happened to be taken on a particularly sunny day on the volcano. Most days the volcano is covered in cloud and you can't see a thing! Now imagine that you live under the volcano and you want to keep an eye on what is happening. Using the mm-wave radar, you can make a 3D map of the volcano on one day and then come back on another day to see if anything has changed. That's exactly what we did with AVTIS and when we came back ten days later the lava dome had grown by quite a bitů

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