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This website is brought to you by a group from the University of St Andrews Physics Dept. In 2007 we started working on a project called 'Vision For the Future'. On this project, we aimed to educate the world about millimetre waves, what they are, what they do and why we need to use them. There are so many interesting applications of millimetre waves and we thought that our project would provide a good way of showing people some of these exciting ideas.

The team is made up from the Millimetre Wave group in the department, which is mainly postdocs and phd students. We also have a number of really enthusiastic students who are working to get degrees from the University.

The final part of our team is FifeX which is a company that was set up in 2002 to design and manufacture science exhibits and education equipment. They are on hand to make sure that things run according to plan!

So far we've had a great response from the public wherever we've been and more and more people want to join us on our trips. Look out for us in our blue t-shirts at a science festival near you!

One of our presenters (Paul) in front of the Infrared Camera.

'Vision For The Future' is an EPSRC funded project run by the MMW group at the University of St Andrews
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