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During the course of this project, we in the 'vision for the future' team have amassed loads of information on mmw applications in the real world.

Looking at the volcano with AVTIS Many companies from all around the globe have contributed images and movies in order to help people understand what they do. Our 'vision for the future' team have put this all together and tried to make it a bit easier to understand.

If you see the exhibition stand, you will notice our 'pods' which are where we display all this information.
We decided to put this all on the web too, and on the following pages you can see info about applications, including photos, diagrams, images, links and the odd movie too.

There are also some pages with background information and diagrams, we hope this helps!

If there is anything else that you are interested in hearing about, please let us know.

'Vision For The Future' is an EPSRC funded project run by the MMW group at the University of St Andrews
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